A Case Study

This report will critically evaluate the website ‘’, using a set assessment criteria which uses many of the key principles of visual and web design. For each area highlighted by the criteria, any issues regarding the website will be discussed and evaluated in detail, with possible improvements being suggested.

Visual Design / Structure

“[Users] make their credibility-based decisions about the people or organisation behind the site based upon the site’s overall visual appeal.”
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab (2002).

The quality and focus of visual design is arguably one of the most influential factors of a website. The first impressions of the user, upon visiting a website, often shape their overall view of the organisation that it is representing. This is vital in ensuring the website attracts the desired audience, as well as creating and maintaining a public image.

Welcome to the online Portfolio of Scott Broughton

Hey! Welcome to my new website. It’s been a long time in the making (what with exams, client work and the new year) but I’ve finally found the time to get a good amount of work done here. I’m going to be using this website as a kind of personal portal, showcasing what I’ve been working on recently (professionally and for fun) and also as a main hub of contact for potential clients.

As for this blog, I will be trying to post regularly about my professional life, current web trends and any tutorials or tips I manage to conjure up.

This year is already looking busy for me, so keep checking back here to see what I’m up to.

Thanks for reading,